Will Cactus Needles Fall Out Naturally?

Cactus spines are very sharp and can easily get stuck in people’s skin or clothes, but they don’t fall out of the cactus plant naturally.

How Do You Get Cactus Thorns Out

If you were tending to your cactus and then notice you have cactus needles in your hand. These thorns can get embedded into people’s skin very easily.

To avoid getting hurt, it’s recommended that people wear gardening gloves when taking care of their cacti and succulents.

Cactus spines in your finger can cause a lot of pain. While the cactus needle won’t fall out on its own, there are safe ways for you to remove cactus spines from your body without having to make a trip to the doctor. Keep reading to find out what you need to do.

How Do You Get Cactus Thorns Out?

A barrel cactus is a cute potted plant until the cactus needles touch your skin. While the needle is likely causing you a lot of pain, there are easy ways to remove the spines at home.

This can easily happen when you’re watering the cactus or placing it in a new area. It doesn’t take much to get a sharp spine stuck in your skin.

While cacti are beautiful plants, their needles aren’t so nice. These are the best tips for getting cactus needles out of your skin:


Tweezers are the most common method to remove cactus needles. The size of the cactus needle will determine which method you follow. For longer needles, tweezers are your best bet.

Once you have a grasp of the needle that is in your body, pull it out. If there are multiple needles stuck in your hand, you will need to wipe the tweezers with a paper towel after each spine gets pulled out.

Always use a mild toner, like witch hazel, to clean your wounds and the area around them after removing the spine. This will help prevent inflammation.

Duct Tape

For shorter needles, adhesive tape (like duct tape) is one of the easiest ways to remove cactus needles from your skin.

Glochids often have short spines that easily come off upon contact. The jumping cholla cactus is one of the most popular types of glochids, and some of them will stick to anything.

The good thing about short glochids needles is that their spines don’t cause very much damage. While these spines don’t leave a big wound, some are trickier to remove because they break very easily.

To safely remove the glochids’ spines, you can put a piece of duct tape over the affected area. Be very careful not to break the spine as you’re pressing the duct tape onto your skin.

If you gently rub the area, the spike should stick to the tape, and it will come out as you pull the tape off.

Another similar way is using any type of school glue. If you are worried the tape may not get all the needles out, you can put some Elmer’s glue over the spike and allow it to dry. Once it has dried, you can easily pull the needle out.


In the event that a cactus spike broke in your wound, then you should sterilize a needle with rubbing alcohol, and poke the spike until it moves. This will help you release the broken spike from your wound.

Do Cactus Needles Dissolve After Falling Out?

Will Cactus Needles Fall Out Naturally

These needles don’t dissolve after falling out. In the event that a needle does get stuck in your skin, you will need to safely remove it.

If it seems like the spike has broken off and the remaining piece is too far down to get, you will need to be patient. Over time, the spike will eventually come out on its own.

However, if the waiting process is too painful and the affected area is red or swollen with no signs of the spike moving, then you should consult your doctor.

Is It Normal for Cactus Spines to Fall Off?

Yes, it’s completely normal for cactus spines to fall off naturally. However, cactus needles may still leave tiny wounds on the skin.

While cactuses are a great way to have a garden indoors, sometimes these potted beauties can cause a lot of soreness.

Even the most careful gardener can get pricked by one of their sharp needles.

When this happens, you may feel like you need to rush to the emergency room. However, there are many safe and easy ways to remove these needles at home.


You most likely already have the products you need to remove these sharp needles at home. If you have tweezers and good tape, you have exactly what you need to get those needles out of your skin.

Many people experience inflammation after the needles have been removed.

You should always make sure to disinfect your wound afterward and if the soreness is too much, take an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen. If the spike doesn’t come out, always consult your doctor.

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