Why Do Cacti Grow Flowers?

Cacti grow flowers because it gives a sense of urgency to reproduce. When cacti bloom flowers, it’s a sign that they are ready to reproduce.

Cactus plants are very unique because they are capable of reproducing asexually and sexually. These flowers are a sign of asexual reproduction because the cacti will produce these offshoots either near or on top of the mother plant. In a sense, this will create cacti clones. On the other hand, when they reproduce sexually, it’s done through their blossoms and pollination.

One thing to keep in mind is that younger cacti will rarely bloom. Often it takes many years for a cactus to bloom a flower. Growing conditions play a big factor in when and if your cactus plant will grow flowers. Keep reading for more information about the cactus flower.

Cacti Are Plants That Live In Dry, Arid Climates

Why Do Cacti Grow Flowers

It takes many years to see a cactus bloom, which is why it’s very important to make sure that they have the right conditions. Cacti grow in the desert, where it very rarely rains. This means that they aren’t used to damp or moist conditions. If you have an ornamental cactus plant that you would like to see bloom a flower, you shouldn’t give it water very often.

Every cactus type is able to grow flowers. Even if the cacti don’t have success with reproduction, the flowers are still very beautiful. Some of the cacti plants that produce the most beautiful flowers include many desert cactus varieties, like prickly pear cactus and columnar cacti like the strombocactus.

However, holiday cacti seem to produce the most elegant flowers. Christmas cactus, also known as Schlumbergera, can liven up a room any time of the year when its flowers have grown. Many people love the Christmas cactus flowers because they are beautiful shades of magenta.

Another popular holiday cacti are the Easter lily cactus. If you see this cactus bloom, you’ll be in awe over the big white blossoms.

While every cactus is beautiful when it blooms, some stand out more than others. If you ever come across a peanut cactus plant, then you should take extra steps to make sure it has bone dry conditions to live in because this cacti species can produce some of the most vivid red flowers when it is ready to reproduce/

The Flowers Of A Cactus Will Produce Seeds That Will Grow Into New Cacti

Flowers Of A Cactus

Once a flower blooms, it will produce seeds that can create new cacti. In the wild, the desert cacti seeds get spread throughout their zone by the animals who eat the fruit that the cactus plants provide.

Once they stop for a washroom break, they put the seeds back into nature.  Another way these seeds spread is when the wind picks up. They will be taken to a different area and the rain will help them sprout.

Spreading seeds is the most natural way to grow a new cactus. However, a cactus plant can only produce seeds if a flower has bloomed. In the case that a flower hasn’t bloomed, you can still grow a new cacti plant with cuttings of the cactus. This is a very popular and easy method of growing new columnar cacti.

A cutting is simply a small fragment of the plant that has been removed in order to reproduce. A piece of cutting can often be taken from cacti plants without doing any damage if they have been cut diagonally. Some of the best sections to get a cutting from are:

  • Stems
  • Shoots
  • Weaker branches

These cuttings can be planted directly into the soil to grow new cacti. However, if you are not comfortable with cutting your cactus you should keep in mind that cacti can take many years until they are ready to bloom a flower.

While some cacti can produce a flower within a few years, others may take a few decades. Always have patience and make sure you are creating the right environment for your plant.


It’s always exciting to see a new flower blossom appear on your favorite cactus. These flower blossoms mean that the cactus is ready to reproduce and it likely has seeds that can be spread so a new cactus can grow. When you spot a beautiful flower, it’s a sign that the mother plant is ready to create new plant life.

One of the most exciting things about these flower blossoms is that each type of cactus will have a different type of flower.

While the Easter lily cactus has elegant white petals, the peanut cactus has eye-catching red blossoms. Each flower is beautiful and unique in its own way. When a cactus is ready to bloom, it could produce new flower blossoms for up to a hundred years.

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