What to Do with Tulips After They Die?

After tulips die you should remove the flowers and leaves from the stem. Throw them away in the garbage and then, store them in a dark place for about 6 to 8 weeks before replanting them in the fall.

Tulips are one of the prettiest spring flowers, but once they bloom the colorful petals only last for a short period. This leaves many people wondering what they can do with their tulips after they die off, and they are not short of options.

When it comes to figuring out what you can do with that beautiful tulip flower after it dies, we have a few great ideas for you.

1. Put Tulips in A Vase with Water

If you love the look of your tulips in the garden, you should bring them indoors to enjoy too. After the tulip has been blooming for 6 weeks, it will begin to die back. If you get to the flower within the right amount of time, you can clip it and the blooms will still look good.

Not only does a vase indoor with tulips look great, but it also helps the tulip bulbs with their cycle to ensure you get a bloom again next year.

Make sure you use a sharp pair of sheers that have been cleaned to cut the flower. It’s important that you only cut the flower stalk, and leave the leaves and foliage alone.

By doing this, you’re helping the tulip bulbs recharge so they can have a healthy bloom next spring.

2. Plant Them Near Your Front or Back Door

Maybe you’ve received store-bought tulips in a pot. When these start to die off, you can plant tulips around your property. If you plant the bulbs by one of your doors, you will have a cheery welcome every time you come home in the spring.

Since potted tulips don’t grow back again the following year, many people treat their bulbs as annuals. However, they can return if the bulb is planted in the garden.

There are only particular times when you can plant the bulbs in your garden and have them grow again the following year.

You can either plant these bulbs early in the summer when the last frost has passed or store them in a cool dry place (such as your basement or garage) inside a paper bag and plant in the fall at least 6 weeks prior to the first frost.

Make sure to use a good quality fertilizer in the soil before placing the bulbs. One thing to remember about planting store-bought tulips is that they usually take a couple of years to cycle. This means that once the bulb has been planted outdoors, you may not see the flower bloom for 2 years.

3. Make Some Tulip Tea, and Share It with A Friend

One thing you may not have known about one of your favorite spring flowers is that tulips are also edible. While they don’t have any nutritional value, tulip blooms can bring fun to any table. If you plan to eat or drink tulips, it’s important to know that only the petals should be consumed.

The leaves and foliage are toxic, and the core of the bulb also has substances that can be toxic to humans.

When your tulips begin blooming, invite some friends over for a tea party. You can make a mild tea from the tulip petals. Other ways you can have some culinary fun with tulips are by adding the petals to salads or using them to add some color to your charcuterie boards.

4. Create an Arrangement out Of the Petals from Your Dead Flowers

Once your tulip begins blooming in the spring, they only hold the bloom for a short time period. If you don’t want to trim your flowers because you’re worried about damaging the foliage or disturbing the bulb if you cut it the wrong way. Once the blooms start to fade, you’ll find a lot of petals scattered around.

These can be used to make beautiful arrangements. They can be scattered around a flower arrangement or even used to decorate a centerpiece with candles. Some people even use them for arts and crafts, such as gluing them to a canvas to make a nice design.

5. Use the Leftover Stems to Make Homemade Bath Salts

Once your tulips have dried out, you can use the stems to add a floral touch to your bath. We recommend mixing finely cut flower stems with 2 cups of Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of sea salt, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and your favorite essential oil.

It’s not just the bloom of tulips that can be useful, the stems can add a nice floral aroma to your bath.

6. Add Some Dried Blooms Into Potpourri for Fragrance and Decoration

We love when tulips are in bloom because there are so many possibilities. One of our favorite things to do is dry out the bloom and add the tulips into a potpourri mix. It’s a fun way to add color to any mix. While tulips may not add a strong fragrance, they do have aesthetic appeal.


Your tulips have so much potential after they die. While there is a lot you can do with the tulips when they begin blooming, it’s important not to touch the foliage. This will ensure that it blooms healthy again next year.

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