How To Water a Mini Cactus

How to water a mini cactus sounds like a pretty simple task, but there are some important things you need to know before you start. Cacti and succulents require very little attention, so caring for them is easy.

You might be wondering why they even need water at all if they store moisture in their leaves! Well, the answer lies in the soil, which needs to be moist enough for the roots of your plants to absorb it and grow well.

When watering your miniature cactus plant, use cold water instead of tap or hot because this will help prevent root rot that can occur when using warm or hot water on plants with shallow roots such as succulents and cacti.

Most small cacti need less moisture than larger cacti but require more frequent watering. They usually come in smaller pots, which dry faster than the big ones since they hold less soil.

Overall, taking care of mini cacti is simple. You want to make sure you aren’t overwatering the plant, but they don’t require much attention to survive.

Let The Soil Soak Up All Of The Water Before Adding More

How To Water a Mini Cactus

If you enjoy having cacti and succulents at home, you should be watering them properly. You will want to check the pot at least once a week. You should only water the plant when the potting soil is parched.

As a rule of thumb, inspect the first half-inch of the soil. When it feels as though there is no moisture, you can add some water.

The soil should quickly absorb the water- you should continue pouring until water escapes from the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

You don’t want to add more moisture when the soil is still damp. Doing so can cause root rot in cactus plants, leading to death if not taken care of properly. If the soil is still damp, you will want to wait another day or two, then recheck it.

Overall, it would be best if you allowed the cactus enough time to absorb all of the water from the pot.

Wait For 6 to 7 Days Before Watering Again

After watering the plant, you should wait at least one week before watering your cactus plants again. This time frame is a bit shorter than how often you should water large cacti, which need watering every four to six weeks.

You should wait one week between watering small cacti. Then, when you add water, make sure you don’t pour in too much. Some moisture should escape from the pot’s drainage holes, but you don’t want to soak the potting soil.

Finally, when you do water the mini cactus, make sure you don’t use tap water. Your plant will thrive if you use distilled or filtered water. You can also place the pot outside when it rains, allowing your cacti to absorb some moisture.

Similarities in Watering Cacti and Succulents

These two plants are part of the same family and have several of the same features. In general, tiny cacti and succulents have the same watering needs.

You don’t want to soak the plants in water and should be checking both of them once a week. You should water a larger plant every ten days.

However, you only need to water them if the soil has completely dried out. It can take longer, depending on the size of the pot and plant. Overall, there’s not a significant difference between a cactus and a succulent.

Fertilizer Throughout the Year to Keep It Healthy

Fertilizing your cactus is something many people don’t do. They either forget it or just don’t do it. However, it still is one of the most important keys to growing a mini cactus.

Especially if you’ve never grown a mini cactus before, it’s essential. When fertilizing your mini cactus, make sure it has been watered. Then, use an organic food and water combination to give it the perfect amount of nutrients.

I recommend a fertilizer with nitrogen if you’re going to be fertilizing every week or two because they need more nutrients than succulents do which is why I only fertilize my cactus about four times per year.

Some people do it more often, but that’s not necessary at all. At the end of the day, mini cacti don’t require much time as long as you eventually do it.

How To Care for a Mini Cactus

After growing a mini cactus myself for many years, here are some tips that might be helpful. Make sure to try some of these tips here below if you’ve never grown a mini cactus before.

Watering a Cactus Indoors

You should water your indoor cacti every seven to ten days, during the spring and summer. As the water starts to cool off, you will want to water them less often.

During the winter, they only need moisture every four to six weeks. Please make sure you check their soil beforehand.

Make The Cactus Receives Enough Sunlight

First, you want to make sure your cactus is receiving plenty of sunlight during the day. Then, you only want to add more moisture to the pot when the cactus completely dries out the dirt. If you hydrate cacti too often, they can quickly experience root rot or become waterlogged.

Finally, a unique cactus potting mix will benefit you greatly. The mixture is very porous, allowing water to escape through the drainage hole and keeps the soil well aerated.

Watering a Mini Cactus

The only absolute rule to hydrating your cactus is to wait until the soil is parched. You will notice that it takes more extended periods to dry during the colder months. Your cactus will go dormant during that time since it’s also receiving less sunlight during the day.

How Long Can a Mini Cactus Go Without Water?

Cacti are great at storing moisture in their cells. They can go a long time without rain- some even being able to survive as long as ten years! However, your indoor mini cactus doesn’t have the same conditions as those desert cacti.

They don’t stay hydrated as long since they are smaller and have access to less dirt in their pot. You will want to check on it weekly and watch out for signs of dehydration.


Taking care of mini cacti is very simple. They don’t need much hydration and are great at adding greenery to your home.

They make a great first plant to learn the ropes since they don’t require much attention. As long as the pot is dry when you add water, your plant will thrive. Stay tuned to our blog for more information about cacti!

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