Reasons Why Your Cactus Is Not Growing

8 Reasons Why Your Cactus Is Not Growing

Cacti are a great way for new gardeners to begin honing their green thumb. But, even if you’re a master gardener, you may notice your cactus not growing. Remember, these are famous slow-growers due to being harsh-climate survivors. But if

Is Cactus a Tree

Is Cactus a Tree?

No, a cactus is labeled as a plant. It’s not a flower, tree, or another thing. Cacti belong to the Cactaceae family, which has been around for more than thousands of years.

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Cactus

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Cactus?

Many people will throw coffee grounds in with their potted plants. However, what your other plants enjoy might be harmful to your cacti and succulents. Your cactus probably hates when you add new coffee grounds to its potting soil.

Should You Fertilize Cactus

Should You Fertilize Cactus?

Yes, it is a good idea for the health of a cactus to fertilize it. All plants can benefit from some fertilizer. The good thing about cactus is that they are low maintenance and can go with little to no fertilization.

how to make cactus grow faster

How to Make Cactus Grow Faster

Cacti are some of the oldest living plants on earth. If you have one and give it proper care, you can encourage faster development. But, how to make cactus grow faster? It will come down to water, sunlight, space, and

What Animal Eats Cholla Cactus

What Animal Eats Cholla Cactus?

The cholla cactus has many edible and nutritious parts that animals like to consume. There are many animals that eat cholla cactus, including jackrabbits, peccaries, deer, squirrels, birds, iguanas, tortoises, and more.

most painful cactus

What Is The Most Painful Cactus?

The most painful cactus is surely the jumping cholla cactus. The jumping cholla, also known as teddy bear cholla, is a “fuzzy” looking cactus with incredibly sharp and painful cactus spines.

What Happens If You Leave a Cactus Needle In

What Happens If You Leave a Cactus Needle In?

Cactus are teeming with prickly spines that can get embedded in your skin. If you do not remove them properly, you can create infection or pustules. Sometimes the infection can even lead to staphylococcus infection, or staph infection for short.